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Helping loved ones who deal with anxiety/panic attacks, ptsd, or even just depression can be difficult, but here are some really great pointers.


This is great. My mother has severe depression and anxiety and I’ve often sat with her through panic attacks wondering how to help.


THIS IS MY FAVOURITE THING ON THE INTERNET. FULL STOP. but srsly I always feel so selfish when I have episodes cause its almost always when I’m around large groups of people and I get embarrassed cause neither I nor anyone else knows what to do.


Convicted serial killer Dennis Rader, known as the BTK strangler, walks into the El Dorado Correctional Facility with two Sedgwick County sheriff’s officers. Rader was convicted for killing 10 people in a 30 year span.

Off topic totally, but this guy STILL gives me the heebies! My ex was a correctional officer at that facility when he Rader was convicted. He was and is, by all reports, a model prisoner. He was arrested after dropping hints to his identity all over Wichita, including a block from my mother’s home. His crimes were SO heinous and he got away with them for decades. He only got caught when he wanted to. Scary. So “mild-mannered”. He was a code enforcement officer…he had access to so many people whom he could have hurt in those years. What makes someone into such a person?

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